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Residential Lighting

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Let Stella Give Your Home A Glow With Better Lighting

One item can make your Baltimore area home complete. Maybe it's the giant portrait of your family in the living room, or a big set of windows that show off your exquisite view. Maybe it's the antique grandfather clock you want everyone to notice as they come in. One thing we've learned at Stella Electric is that if you're going to change even just the feel of your home, you need to start with the lighting.


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Modern Lighting Options

Years ago, lighting was simple for those who weren't trying to dust large crystal chandeliers. A few overhead lights and some lamps were what most families depended on for decades. Outside porch light and maybe a motion sensor light in the driveway completed any "outdoor lighting" efforts. 

But lighting has become a bit of a thing as of late. If you take a stroll through a home improvement store, you might notice the homey glow emanating from the lighting section. When you walk through Target, it's no different. Lighting isn't just for lighting our surroundings. Lighting is now part of the decor, utilizing track lighting, recessed lighting, and even chandeliers to cultivate the mood you want your home to convey.

Landscape Lighting

External lighting, once used for safety and the ability to find your way to your door, is now how residents set their homes apart. A spotlight under the right tree or a light pointing at the perfect gate not only sharpens your home's profile but also lends to your home's safety. A burglar is far less likely to creep up to a home bathed in light than the dark one at the other end of the street.

Get All Your Lighting Needs Addressed

Our electricians are fantastic at helping you determine what you want to do with your lighting to adjust your indoor feel or outdoor presence. Call Stella today at 410-429-0479 and we'll give you our honest opinion and advice on what could be best for your environment. We'll also make sure that what we install is installed safely and flawlessly so that when you're looking into your new brilliant light, you only need to worry about how good it all looks.