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Smoke Detector Installation

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Hardwired Smoke Detectors Will Keep You Safe

When you own your own Baltimore, MD area home, a hardwired smoke detector is your safest bet for monitoring for signs of smoke or fire. Unlike battery-powered detectors, like those you can buy in most hardware stores and even some drug stores, these detectors are installed in the home by Stella Electric.


Get peace of mind with regular electrical maintenance and repair from Stella Electric. It’s the simple choice!

A battery-operated smoke detector will sound an alarm in the case of an emergency, but only for as long as its battery lasts. This means that if the battery is low, the alarm may not last long enough to alert you to a problem and you may not realize until your house is full of smoke. 

Hardwired detectors are also more dependable because they don’t have batteries that fail and leave you with a chirping detector in the middle of the night. That annoying chirp is why people often remove the batteries from a unit and fail to replace them before an accident occurs. 

Three out of five deaths from home fires occur in homes where the detector was removed or not functioning correctly. Hardwired detectors are wired together, so that if one unit for some reason fails, another alarm will go off, alerting you and your family to a potential fire. 

When Should I Replace My Smoke Detectors?

At Stella Electric, we recommend changing hardwired smoke detectors every decade or so, unless they show signs of malfunctioning earlier. The National Fire Protection Agency also recommends the detectors get replaced every ten years.  

Smoke Detector Tips

  • There should be a detector in every bedroom of your house.
  • If you have a large house, you will require more detectors to ensure maximum safety.
  • Interconnected detectors make the best alert system.
  • Detectors, hardwired or battery-powered, should be installed high on the wall or on the ceiling.
  • Smoke detectors should also be installed at least 10 feet from the stove so that every stir fry doesn’t turn into a mini fire drill.

Why Should I Call Stella Electric For My Smoke Detectors?

Just like we love our customers, we love our customers to be safe. Allow us to inspect and replace your hardwired detectors or install new smoke detectors in any addition or remodel. We only install smoke detectors we would install in our own homes to protect our own families. 

At Stella Electric, we will ensure your family has the best alert system available. Call us at 410-429-0479 to schedule an appointment!