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Electrical Panel Upgrades

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Is your electrical panel 25 years or older? Do you find that your Baltimore, MD area home lacks the number of outlets modern technology requires? You might need an electrical panel upgrade from Stella Electric to extend your electrical services and improve the quality of your electricity.


Get peace of mind with regular electrical maintenance and repair from Stella Electric. It’s the simple choice!

Every electrician with a blog has a list of signs it might be time to fix your panel or upgrade it to a newer, more powerful model. Whether it’s the inability to flip a circuit breaker back on or a warm-to-the-touch outlet or the breaker box itself, these signs can indicate just about any electrical issue, not only issues that require an electrical panel upgrade. (Conveniently, the blogging electricians fail to mention this note.)

At Stella Electric, we don’t want to charge you money for service or equipment you don’t yet need. That’s why our focus will be if your panel is posing any kind of danger, if it is dated, if it uses fuses instead of circuits, if the panel is rusty or shows signs of incurring damage. 

We’ll also listen to your needs. If you’re thinking of adding a freezer to your unfurnished basement, this can mean your system will require additional electricity. In this case, we will need to upgrade your panel to ensure you can power the freezer safely.   

What Does The Upgrade Do For Me? 

Installing a new panel instead of just using your breaker box gives homeowners the chance to increase their power through their homes. When you upgrade, you can add more appliances, appliances that would have overwhelmed and crashed your previous panel. You can also opt to add more outlets than you currently have in your home.

One fabulous reason to upgrade your electrical panel? Safety. First, the power entering the home is now steady, meaning the power doesn’t surge, burn out appliances or cause lights to flicker on and off. 

Additionally, when your fuse box is old, you run the risk of electrical fires. When you upgrade, the difference in protection is so significant that many insurance companies offer discounts to thank you for upgrading. 

Another reason to upgrade your electrical panel? To save money. A new panel will work more efficiently than the previous one, saving you cash on your electrical bills. 

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