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Outlet Installation

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Expand the Technological Breadth of Your Home

If you’ve ever lived in a Baltimore-area house built a few decades back — for instance, a row house built after the second world war — you know what it’s like to have to unplug the microwave to plug in the toaster. Or to have to unplug everything in the bathroom and bedroom so that you can run one high-speed cooling fan. Stella Electric can help.

Outlet installation can be a dream. You are the homeowner, and so you are the ultimate expert regarding where these outlets should go. You know exactly where you’re most likely to plug in your phone, place your TV or store your internet router. New outlets are simple to add and are relatively low in cost.


Get peace of mind with regular electrical maintenance and repair from Stella Electric. It’s the simple choice!

Your Other Electric Options Aren’t Safe

There is a reason that extension cords aren’t intended to be permanent fixtures in the home. Cords can be a trip hazard and can also increase the risk of fire or injury if you have animals or small children who might one day be tempted to play with the extension cords. Outlets in the wall are grounded, while cords can overheat and place you at risk of fire, electric shocks or electrocution.

How Do I Know I Need A New Outlet?

You may be completely comfortable with the number of outlets in your home, but you should also ensure those outlets do not need repair. If plugs frequently fall out of an outlet, it’s possible the outlet is dated and needs replacement. 

You should also call us for troubleshooting and repair if you hear buzzing from your wall outlet or see sparks when you remove or add an appliance plug to the outlet. Faulty electrical outlets can be significant hazards in the home and leave you and your family open to disaster.

Call Stella for your Baltimore Area Outlet Questions

If you’d like to have your outlets inspected by an expert or a consultation about adding outlets to your home, call Stella Electric at 410-429-0479.