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Electrical Code Inspections

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An electrical code inspection is the most formal type of review of electrical work. If you’re expecting a visit from the electrical code inspector, it’s a good idea to call Stella Electric for professional guidance on how to get up to code and how to pass this inspection that is necessary to be in alignment with local ordinances.  

The inspection consists of two visits from an official inspector and affects permits on new construction or remodeling to ensure you have a properly installed system. If you are selling your home, an inspection that reveals damage the buyer was not expecting could sink your home sale, according to a leading realtor publication.


Get peace of mind with regular electrical maintenance and repair from Stella Electric. It’s the simple choice!

How Does An Electrical Code Inspection Work?

First, it’s important to know there are two rounds of the electrical code inspection process. The first review, called the “rough-in” looks at a home as it’s being built, after the circuit breakers and electrical work has been installed but before insulation or anything that may mask a potential issue. When the home is complete, the inspector returns for what is called “final inspection” to check that everything is installed and functioning safely.

If you have an existing home and are doing major renovations, the process will be a little different but still focus on electrical safety and proper installation of all wiring, circuits, outlets, switches and components.

Here are a few things inspectors are looking for:

  • You haven’t overloaded your circuits: The inspector will ensure that you have the correct amount of circuits for your space. 
  • Surge protection: The inspector may advise you to add grounding outlets to prevent surges.
  • Wiring: The inspector will look at how the wires are actually clamped into the electrical system. 
  • GFCI outlets: These safer outlets have been required in new construction for many years now. The inspector will ensure you have these or AFCI outlets to keep you safe. (Call Stella for outlet installation today.)

Aside from these points, the inspector will also do things like measure your box and check that every box is flush with every wall. For such a precise review, you want to make sure that you’ve hired electricians who do it right the first time. 

At Stella, our electricians will walk you through the inspection and what to expect. We take personal pride in ensuring that our customers pass electrical code inspections. Call Stella Electric today at 410-429-0479.