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Stella Electric Is The Best Choice To Rewire Your House

Most of the time, when people call us out to a rewiring job, we find ourselves in one of the Baltimore area’s beautiful older homes where the wiring has grown outdated or is unable to keep up with the home’s modern electrical needs. 

There’s no reason moving into an older home should mean you have subpar electricity. A complete home rewire by Stella Electric is not a small task, but the benefits — lower utility bills, safer wiring and more output so you aren’t overloading outlets — outweigh the inconvenience.


Get peace of mind with regular electrical maintenance and repair from Stella Electric. It’s the simple choice!

Two Main Reasons for a Home Rewire

No one rewires a home for superficial reasons. Home rewiring is usually required for the following two reasons: 

The system is old. Older systems have often been installed before homeowners had as many items to plug in. Most old homes have electrical systems that don’t account for energy needs and conservation today. 

The system is faulty. Maybe you’ve seen flickering lights or an outlet that only works on occasion? Faulty wiring spells danger for any homeowner, whether their home is new or pre-Colonial. If your home has faulty wiring, a complete rewire is your safest course of action.

Is Your Home’s Wiring A Danger To Your Family?

Faulting wiring causes more than 25,000 fires a year, resulting in about 800 deaths. While the flickering lights in the living room might have previously seemed like a quirk, rewiring might be your best bet for avoiding disaster.

It is recommended that you get your home rewired if:

  • You get electric shocks when touching cords.
  • You see sparks near outlets, particularly arcing sparks.
  • Your outlets are discolored or hot.
  • You have dimming or flickering lighting.
  • You have loose outlets.

Even if you haven’t seen any of the above tell-tale signs, there are a few other reasons to get the wiring of your home evaluated for replacement.

  • Your home is 40 years or older. 
  • The outlets are still two-pronged.
  • There is aluminum instead of copper wiring — common in 1970s-era homes.

Why Call Stella?

Stella’s electricians are experts at rewiring homes with precision and extreme care. We know each job will require different solutions and skills, and we come prepared to apply those solutions for you. We want to see you in an upgraded, safer home. 

If you require a home rewire, or you live in an older home and would like to have your system looked at, Stella’s electricians are the ones for the job. Call us at 410-429-0479 to schedule an appointment!