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EV Charger Installation

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Drive Your Way To An Electric Future

You’ll find that a lot of electrical repair companies aren’t up on the latest technologies and products. These companies have gotten comfortable with a particular way of doing things, and they do not want to have to learn to change.

At Stella Electric, we have the opposite attitude. When something new — something that could make our clients’ lives easier — comes onto the market, we jump to take advantage to propose all options. If you’re a Baltimore area resident with an electric car, you can count on us to install a personal EV charging station that guarantees your car is always fully charged.


Get peace of mind with regular electrical maintenance and repair from Stella Electric. It’s the simple choice!

EV Charger FAQs

Do I need a permit to install an EV charger in my home?

Yes, you will need both a permit and a licensed master electrician to install an Electric Vehicle (EV) charger in your home or business near Baltimore, MD. These requirements exist to keep yourself and others safe from a possible error in do-it-yourself installation, which can be quite dangerous when involving electrical work. Our licensed and trained electricians will make sure your charger is put in correctly and is current with local permits.

How much does it cost to install an electric car charger at my Reisterstown, MD home?

An electric car charger will cost Reisterstown homeowners between $750 - $4,000 to be installed. Every electrical installation is different based on the home’s existing service panel size, distance from the panel to the charger, and the ability to fish wiring through the home. In addition, the price will be affected by:

  • Location
  • Existing Service
  • Any Trenching Required
  • Brand/Quality of Charger
  • Any Permit Fees

Our licensed technicians are highly trained and have years of experience working with EV chargers. We are happy to answer any questions about price or process you may have. Did you know that Maryland offers rebates to residents and businesses that install electric vehicle chargers?

How do you hook up an electric car charger near Reisterstown, MD?

The basic process to hook up an electric car charger is as follows:

  1. A load calculation is run on your existing electrical panel to determine if it has the capacity to have a charger installed, as car chargers use a lot of power.
  2. Next wiring is installed from the panel to the charger, which might involve trenching a PVA conduit or fishing Romex wiring.
  3. After wiring new GFCI breakers are installed to the panel and charger itself.
  4. When everything is in, we will test to make sure the charger is working properly.

Electric car chargers can either be inside or outside, and either free standing or on a wall. Our technicians will advise you what location would be best for your charger and guide you through the entire process.

Can I use my dryer plug to charge my EV?

The short answer is yes, you could use a dryer plug but the charging speed will be very slow. Is it ideal? No.

Electric Vehicles Are Everywhere

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular each year. They are known for virtually eliminating car emissions and saving the owner money on expensive fuel. Once rare, electric vehicles have become far more common; the number of EVs on American roads increased to about 1 million in 2018.  

You’ve probably noticed that spaces for electric cars have popped up at shopping centers and stadiums and some gas stations. If you already have an electric vehicle or you are considering the possibility, consider an Electric Vehicle Charging station at home.

Electric cars may come with prowess, but they don’t come with home EV charging stations. That’s why you’ll need the help of Stella’s expert installers to incorporate your charging station into your home safely.

EV Charger Installation Near Me

Projections vary on how many Americans will own electric cars in the next few years. Because charging stations are usually located where a critical mass of drivers have electric vehicles, you may end up driving in an area where charging stations are hard to come by. These times are when it is when it’s beneficial to have charged your vehicle overnight while at home. 

Whether it's in your garage, on an exterior wall, or at a standalone location, we ensure your new car charger is expertly mounted for maximum convenience and efficiency.

Your Local EV Charger Installers

Stella Electric will install your EV charging station in one day. In that short time, you will have dramatically decreased your family’s carbon footprint. What’s best is that you keep your car well charged, you can drive into a greener future and never have to revisit a gas station.

If you’re thinking about an electric vehicle or you currently own one and the station where you power-up is away from home, at the office, or a nearby fueling station, call Stella Electric about an EV charging station installation at 410-429-0479 today or contact us online for more information.