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Whole House Surge Protection

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Protect Your Valuable Belongings From Daily Power Surges

It might surprise you to know that the average American home has power surges more than a dozen times a day. Most people only think of power surges during lightning storms, but something as simple as running the dishwasher can cause a power surge in your home. 

Whole house surge protection prevents surges from hurting your expensive appliances and electronic devices — whether they’re from lightning strikes, the dishwasher or squirrels chewing on power lines. With whole house surge protection from Stella Electric, your electrical system and electronic devices would all be in the clear.


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Why You Have to Worry About Power Surges

Some say the frequent surges and problems with local power is that the power infrastructure, the network of power grids that keep us plugged in across the United States, is getting old. Bloomberg News called the grid "an aging dinosaur." This aging electric infrastructure will continue to deteriorate, possibly leading to more power surges than our homes currently see.

While a washing machine may not get toasted like a hard drive during one of these surges, the excess voltage usually causes the appliance to heat up. The excess heat causes undue wear on the appliance, shortening its operating life and leading to a premature and costly replacement.

What Appliances Need Surge Protection

Ever wonder why you plug your mounted TV into a surge protector and your desk lamp directly into the wall socket? Sometimes you're using a surge protecting power strip to plug more than two plugs, and you just happen to reap the benefits of your surge protector. Other times, you've plugged the TV into the surge protector because it will prevent this expensive item from becoming fried in a storm. 

The prevailing idea is that your most valuable electronics should be plugged into surge protectors, but experts today say you should either have every one of your plug-in possessions in a surge protector or invest in whole home surge protection, which prevents a power surge from affecting your appliances or devices. 

Imagine whole house surge protection as an invisible surge protector on every outlet. It’s like an addition to your insurance policy; not only are you protecting your home, but you are also ensuring that your digital memories, as well as your electronic devices and appliances, are safe from unpredictable power.   

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