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Electrical Repair & Troubleshooting

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We’ll Troubleshoot To Get To The Bottom Of Your Repair Needs

Electrical troubleshooting takes patience, experience and skill. At Stella Electric, our electricians have those positive traits and more. They will stop at nothing to figure out what is causing your Baltimore, MD electrical issue and how best to repair it.


Get peace of mind with regular electrical maintenance and repair from Stella Electric. It’s the simple choice!

How Do I Know I Need Electrical Repair Troubleshooting

The short answer is you have a problem with your electricity, but you don’t know the source. Here are some signs you may be in need of our troubleshooting skills:

  • Regular blown fuses and tripped breakers: This may seem obvious but if every time you run the vacuum you blow a fuse or trip a breaker, it’s best to have a Stella Electric electrician check it out.
  • Any sparking: Another trait that could be obvious to some, any kind of sparking near an electrical appliance, like sparks from burner coils that might occur on an electric stove, could be a sign the problem appliance requires rewiring or repair.
  • Funny smells: This comes up with a lot of home repairs. Smells from your heating, AC, water, etc. all tend to point to a repair need. It’s no different with electrical maintenance, except that the stakes may be higher. Smells from electrical problems could indicate burning or melting somewhere in the home’s system.
  • Lights flickering or going dim: Flickering and dimming are classic signs of a problem with your wiring and should be evaluated by a professional.
  • Outlets or switch plates that feel hot: Electrical switches that are hot to the touch could indicate a dangerous electrical problem. Get them checked out right away!
  • Any buzzing or humming sound: If you hear buzzing when you turn your lights on, it’s not just annoying; it’s also a sign your wiring is struggling. Have a licensed electrician check to be sure there’s nothing wrong.

Is It Plugged In?

Except for that annoying IT question, we’ll ask you all kinds of questions to determine what the problem may be. Did you add any new appliances? Do you ever smell burning plastic? Do the lights flicker or the microwave clock resets when you plug in the vacuum? 

We do our best to glean from your answers what the repair issue may be. Then we get to work. If it isn’t the circuit breakers, we move on to smaller details of your system. We may find a faulty outlet, a need for electrical grounding or that you consume more power than your dated system can handle. Regardless of the problem we discover, we immediately follow up with our solution. 

We know electrical issues are safety issues, and we will be eager and determined to understand the source of the repair problem. You can rest assured that Stella’s electricians, the top electricians in four states and the District of Columbia, have given your system the clear. Call us at 410-429-0479 to schedule an appointment!