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Exhaust Fan Installation

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Ventilation Systems Installation

Having the correct type and amount of ventilation systems in your home is key to keeping your home’s indoor air healthy and pollution free. When you shower, cook or perform other daily tasks, your home’s indoor air quality is affected. Cooking can lead to food pollution and showering can cause the humidity levels in your home to rise. That is where your kitchen, bathroom and whole home ventilation systems come in handy to reduce pollution. To find out more about getting an exhaust fan installation, call us at today!

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Repair
Do electricians install exhaust fans?

Yes, electricians install exhaust fans. Electricians install the following exhaust fans: 

  • Kitchen exhaust fans. 
  • Bathroom exhaust fans. 
  • Whole home exhaust fans. 

Having an electrician install your exhaust fan is beneficial since they are knowledgeable about electrical code and will be able to ensure that your exhaust fan is installed properly. To get an exhaust fan installed, call us today.

How much does an electrician charge to install a bathroom exhaust fan?

An electrician typically charges around $300-$500 to install a bathroom exhaust fan. Some things that can cause the cost to vary are: 

  • The electrician’s hourly rate. 
  • The type of bathroom exhaust fan you want. 
  • If there is existing wiring or not.

If you do not have an exhaust fan in the spot you would like one installed, the cost for the installation can increase slightly due to the additional cost of setting up wiring. To get a bathroom exhaust fan installed, contact us today.

Is it necessary to have an exhaust fan in the bathroom?

Yes, it is necessary to have an exhaust fan in the bathroom. Not having an exhaust fan in your bathroom can lead to: 

  • Water damage in your bathroom. 
  • Decreased air quality in your home.
  • Building electric code violations.

A bathroom exhaust fan can help to remove polluted air from your home in addition to decreasing moisture that can lead to water damage and mold growth. To get a bathroom exhaust fan installed, give us a call today.

We specialize in installing and repairing the following ventilation systems:

  • Bathroom exhaust fans - helps to reduce pollution and humidity in your bathroom. 
  • Kitchen range hoods - removes smoke and food pollution while cooking. 
  • Whole home ventilation systems - helps to circulate fresh air into your home.
  • Attic fans - pushes air from your attic outside to cool your home and reduce pollution.

If you are thinking about getting any of these exhaust fans installed or repaired, Stella Electric can help with our exhaust fan installation services!

Kitchen, Bathroom & Whole House Ventilation Systems

It can be easy to disregard the ventilation systems in your home and potentially not notice when you don’t have the proper ventilation system in a specific room. However, without proper exhaust and ventilation systems in place, you could end up with poor air quality and its associated health issues. 

We recommend that you have a bathroom exhaust fan in each bathroom of your home and a kitchen exhaust fan in your kitchen. Another useful ventilation system you should consider is a whole house fan, which helps to pull fresh air into your home. To get the best results from a whole house ventilation system, you should get an attic fan to assist the whole house fan in removing the air. 

To learn more about getting an exhaust fan installed in your home, call Stella Electric today!