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Should I Upgrade or Replace My Electrical Panel?

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What’s the difference between a service upgrade (Heavy Up) and a panel replacement?

By understanding the intricacies of upgrading or replacing your electrical panel, you can make an informed decision that ensures the safety, reliability, and efficiency of your home’s electrical system.

Service Upgrades

A service upgrade, sometimes referred to as a “Heavy Up” is a process that includes replacing the panel, service wire, and grounding to provide additional electrical capacity to the home, so that increased loads may be used.

When to Consider a Service Upgrade?

This may be needed if your home is at already at capacity, and you want to add an EV Charger, Hot Tub, or HVAC system.

Just because a panel is full does not mean it is at capacity, space and loading are two different issues. The latter of which can be solved in a more cost effective manner than upgrading your entire service.

When To Consider an Electrical Panel Replacement

An electrical panel replacement is just that, we replace the electrical panel only.

Signs You Need a Panel Replacement

Sometimes you may have enough capacity, but lack space. Things to consider in the Baltimore area included a panel that has been recalled such as Zinsco or Federal Pacific, the panel is arcing or tripping sporadically, there is rust or corrosion, or it’s old and brittle.

Why Consider Upgrading or Replacing Your Electrical Panel?

Enhanced Safety is the #1 reason to consider an upgrade or replacement.

Increased Home Value is another reason to upgrade or replace your electrical panel.

You will also receive improved performance. 

Cost Considerations

Not Sure What You Need?

If you’re unsure which you need, we do a load calculation for you, totally free! 

Contact us online or call (410) 429-0479 for your free electrcial panel load calculation in and around Baltimore!