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How Outdoor Illumination Can Transform Your Baltimore Area Residence

Back in the day, conventional outdoor lighting included the motion-sensor floodlight and perhaps some light traveling up a walkway. Today, outdoor lighting design has evolved into as much an art form as indoor lighting.

With a range of lighting methods, we can set off parts of your property you want to draw attention to. When you pull into your Baltimore area driveway at night, the warm outdoor glow will be your first sign that you are home.

But who can you trust for excellent lighting consultation and installation near you? Stella's electricians can demonstrate the artistry in landscape lighting. When we consult with you on your vision for your landscape, we use lighting as our palette and your property as our canvas.


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From Step Lights to Bollard Lights: Stella Has Your Touch of Class

Some of today's available lighting was available in the 80s and 90s but usually reserved for high-value homes. Now, outdoor lighting is popping up throughout the suburbs and city roof gardens. Those old fixtures have modernized and new lighting is available. Here are just a few of the types of lights available:

  • Bollard lights - You can often find the low-price solar versions of these path lights in garden stores, but anyone who has had those lights knows they don't always stay in place. Today's installed bollard lights can be a sleek addition to your home's pathway. 
  • Spotlights - Not just for actors anymore, these spotlights can illuminate your trees, landscaping or beloved architectural features on your home. 
  • Up/downlights - Just like the name, these often sconce-like fixtures shine light both upwards and downwards, sometimes casting minimalist rays and, other times, illuminating one length of the home. They add a shade of sophistication to any residence.
  • Step lights - These lights add safety as well as style to any stairs leading up to your home. Whether you are casting a solid beam of light or a flood of light brightening the stairs, we have your installation solutions.

It’s Not Easy to Stand Out in the Baltimore Area: Our Electricians Will Show You The Way

Our customers are taken aback by how much of a difference their landscape lighting makes, as well as the attention it drew from other neighbors, already asking for the number of your electrician. (Tell them to call Stella at 410-429-0479!)

So much about outdoor lighting involves presentation. When you invite guests to your home, you are providing them with an experience. Arriving at your home, bathed in golden light, your guests will immediately feel welcomed and wanted in your home. 

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