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  Electric Car Charging Station Installation in Maryland

Electric cars are no longer a thing of the future. They’re gaining momentum, and they’re here to stay. This means the world needs electric car charging stations. Stella Electric is here to provide installation and maintenance services of these Eco-friendly additions. Whether you need a personal charging station at your home, business, or parking garage; our team is able to expertly plan the placement to allow for easy charging access by making electric car charging installation in Baltimore a reality. We have provided many home and business owners with electric car charging station installation throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania. Check out our Reviews! We invite you to Contact us if you have any questions about installing a charging station on your property.

Providing for All Your Charging Station Needs

● At home:

If you’re an electric car owner, charging stations are a necessity. Owners may either charge them at home or find a station while they’re out for the day. A charging station at home will provide a reliable and convenient place for your car to store up the power it needs to tackle your long workday.

● At your business:

By having electric car charging installation in Baltimore, your business will provide customers with a convenient location to charge while they’re running errands and even more reasons to frequent your business, resulting in more sales! Whether you’re a home or business owner, the team at Stella Electric will help you with your car charging needs by providing the following services:

● Installation of new charging stations:

Electric cars are gaining popularity. If you own a business, having a charging station on your property allows customers with electric vehicles to have peace of mind while they shop at your store or do business with you. It shows your business keeps up with modern technologies and is a friend to the environment. Our team is able to install charging stations at your business or home.

● Repair or maintenance to existing stations:

As with all electrical components, your electric car charging station will require maintenance and repairs from time to time. Our team can provide regular service to ensure your station stays working for you. We are also here to help by offering repairs if the station malfunctions.

● Compatibility with any car:

You want your charging station to be versatile, so anyone with an electric vehicle can use it. We ensure the stations we install are compatible with nearly every make and model of electric car available on the market. We highly recommend Chargepoint brand car chargers.

Understanding the differences:

Level 1 Chargers

To recharge the car’s battery, the PEVs come with a standard Level 1 charger. The Level 1 charger is a fairly basic EV charger that usually comes with the electric or hybrid car and can be plugged into a standard 120 volt electrical outlet in your garage.

● Usage:

When you use a Level 1 charger, it is important that it is on its own dedicated electrical circuit. This means no other devices should be plugged into the same outlet on the same circuit breaker. For enhanced safety, the outlet should also be a GFCI type receptacle to guard against electric shock.

● The “Level 1” Drawback:

There is one drawback with a Level 1 charger. It can take up to 12 hours to fully charge some vehicles using 120 Volt standard house power. Depending on which vehicle you own, you’ll get from 3 – 5 miles for every hour you charge your car with a standard 120 Volt receptacle. If you only drive short distances and never completely deplete your battery this may be okay for you. Every night you will need to plug in your car. This will give it enough charge to get through the following day.

Level 2 Chargers

There is another option for those who want and need to get the battery of their electric vehicle fully charged in a shorter amount of time. A Level 2 charger, depending on the charger and the vehicle, can charge a typical EV car in about 4 – 6 hours. A Level 2 charger is bigger than the Level 1 charger and is typically mounted on the wall of your garage or an outside wall near where the EV car is parked. An electrical cord comes from the Level 2 charger and plugs into a port in the EV car. You can think of it as your own mini gas station in your garage. The only difference is you’re are using electricity to fill your car rather than gasoline!

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Are you curious about installing a car charging station at your home? Do you require repair on a current charging system? The team at Stella Electric is here to provide services for both! Contact us today for additional information. We’ll happily answer any questions you have.


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