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Generator Installation

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Why You Should Consider A Generator For Your Family Home

If you have lived through any recent hurricane or snow events in the Baltimore area, you probably have a good guess as to why you might want to install a generator in your family home. 

After Hurricanes Sandy, Florence, Dorian and too many more, people lived without power for weeks. When you're not in the moment, it's easy to imagine doing a stint without power. You'd make the best of it. Maybe the family could build a fire one night. But as quaint as camping indoors can be, parents know it's only fun for a couple of hours before you start wishing you had your electricity back on.

We also sell portable generators for camping or life traveling in your RV. The units are incredibly small and easy to transport.


Get peace of mind with regular electrical maintenance and repair from Stella Electric. It’s the simple choice!

Getting a Generator Installed Can Keep Your Family Safe

Many of us have discovered that the cost of a generator is well worth it, primarily because of unpredictable weather trends and extreme weather events that continue to occur across our region. 

For many people, a lengthy power outage during warm weather means the loss of valuable food. Then there are the other concerns: If it's a winter event, do you have electric heat? If it's a summer hurricane, do you have AC? What will you cook with? How many meals can you think of that don't involve cooking? 

Worse, if you are dependent on refrigerated insulin, you'll have to find some way to keep it cold. If you are on oxygen, you have to go to the hospital or someplace that can house and power your device.  

When we can't depend on the power companies to safely resolve major power grid failures during the most adverse weather conditions, we need to take power into our own hands. As a result, generators have gained popularity. Home generators will provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your power isn't vulnerable to every wind storm or deep freeze.

Alternatively, when we are with mother nature or anywhere we are off the beaten path, our portable generators are exactly what you need to feel at home.

Trusted Local Generator Installation

Stella Electric's team are expert generator installers. We will tell you the pros and cons of every model and ensure your generator supports the amount of power you need to function at home regularly. Call us at 410-429-0479 today!