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In our connected world, electricity powers a large percentage of the devices that occupy your day. Your cell phone, tablet, wifi, streaming television, smart thermostat and some air conditioning systems are dependent on your electrical system. When your power is interrupted or worse, your electrical wiring is showing signs of danger, you'll want an electrician who will be on the scene immediately, without you having to wait a day in the dark, hoping your phone doesn't die. 

When you even begin to suspect an electrical issue in your home, we urge you to call us immediately. The adverse effects of malfunctioning electrical systems are too serious to try to handle these situations without a professional.


Get peace of mind with regular electrical maintenance and repair from Stella Electric. It’s the simple choice!

Reasons to Call Stella Electric ASAP

If you’re in the Baltimore area and have power but notice any of the traits described below, please call Stella Electric at 410-429-0479 immediately. You don’t want to run the risk of an electrical overload or fire.

  • Your wires got exposed to water. Maybe the basement flooded, or the attic sprung a leak. Regardless of the area, if you become aware that your home's wires have been exposed to water, you should mark off the area for safety (stepping in the water could electrocute you) and call Stella immediately.
  • Black or brown marks on an outlet: Think of these marks as soot, the result of your outlet becoming overheated. If you see these spots, you should call our emergency electricians in case the marks are an indication power is surging or the outlet is overloaded beyond capacity. 
  • Your outlets are hot: Outlets should never be warm to the touch. Heat is a sign of dangerously overheated wires or even a possible fire forming in your walls.
  • Burning smell: Never ignore this smell. If there's any risk of an electrical fire, you are at risk of losing everything you own. While furniture can be replaced, items like wedding albums, baby pictures and family heirlooms can't be bought with insurance money.
  • Singing circuit breaker: If your breaker has been humming or there is slight buzzing noise in the breaker or behind outlets, this is another reason to call Stella now.

Call Stella Electric Emergency Electricians Today

Electrical disasters don't wait to be on your schedule. That's why we're here and ready to respond to your emergency needs ASAP. We are precision electricians who take pride in resolving all of your electrical problems. 

Everyone should have someone to call in an emergency. In the Baltimore, MD area, you have Stella Electric at 410-429-0479. Often, just knowing someone is there on the other end of a phone is a reassuring feeling that can give you peace of mind.