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Circuit Breaker Replacement

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Why Should Baltimore Area Homeowners Replace Their Breaker Box?

Circuit breakers are necessary to safely run power in a home and lessen the risk of fire. They are the electrical switches that protect your home from circuit damage caused by too much current (or an electrical overload) and short circuits. When a fault is found in the flow of your electricity, or electricity surges, the breaker interrupts the current.  

When your Baltimore area breaker goes, call Stella Electric for circuit breaker replacement. We can guide you to the right model for your electricity needs. 


Get peace of mind with regular electrical maintenance and repair from Stella Electric. It’s the simple choice!

Why Replace My Circuit Breaker?

There are three reasons why people generally replace their circuit breakers. 

  • It is hot to the touch.
  • It has visible damage, like frayed wires.
  • It’s creating a burning smell.

In addition is the most obvious reason: it doesn’t work. The most important reason to get a circuit breaker is that it’s safer and easier to operate than your other option, fuses.

The Difference Between Fuse Boxes & Circuit Breakers

These terms are sometimes used interchangeably but to be specific, a fuse box and a circuit breaker are different pieces of equipment. 

When a fuse in an actual fuse box blows it actually blows, meaning it requires replacement. When your circuit breaker trips, you just have to reset it to allow power back to the affected region of the house. It's also possible to knock out power for the entire home, which can also be resolved with the flipping the switches on the circuit breaker. In short, a circuit breaker saves you a call to the electrician or a trip to the toolbox anytime you overload your power.

When circuit boxes age, they become less dependable in terms of stopping surges or protecting wires from overheating. Ask Stella Electric to look at your aging circuit breakers to see if you are due for a replacement or a repair. 

Protecting your home against the dangers of electrical overloads requires maintenance and constant vigilance. Let Stella Electric become your partner in making your home safe for your family. Call us at 410-429-0479 to schedule an appointment today!