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Time to refresh your space?

Is your home feeling dated? Your home may not be highlighted as well as it could be. Let us illuminate your vision today! We provide full service lighting installation utilizing quality brands like Lutron and HALO to make your most valuable investment shine bright. You will find that every member of our team is highly experienced and detail oriented in recessed lighting installation. We provide the highest quality for a fair price, and create value for your family and your home.


Types of Recessed Lighting

There are two types of light housings, insulation contact (IC) and non-insulation contact (non-IC).

 IC: This type of fixture is designed to come into contact with attic insulation without creating safety concerns or hazards.

 Non-IC: This type of fixture can’t safely come into contact with insulation, but it’s a good solution when no insulation is present.


Additionally, Homeowners can also choose from three housing types. New Construction, Remodel, and Wafer.


New Construction: Homeowners can use this type of housing when they have access to the ceiling. Installing new construction cans requires accessing the ceiling joists, so it’s best to use these when drywall and other barriers aren’t obstructing access.





Remodel: This type of housing is a good alternative when it’s not possible to access the ceiling. To install these, electricians have to cut holes in the ceiling to position the housing.



Wafer: This type of light is no deeper than the width of your thumb! We highly recommend these lights for three reasons…

  1. Wafer lighting uses less power resulting in cost savings for you!
  2. Wafer lights are much more cost effective than housings and trims. Wafers are self contained.
  3. You can install wafer lights in places can lights will not fit, due to their shallow nature.


Factors to Determine Before Installation


The Type of Housing Required

This is determined by ceiling slope, material, insulation, and whether lights are installed on a new home or remodel.

The Number of Fixtures Needed

As there is no universal solution, professional assistance comes in handy for recessed lighting installation in Cockeysville. Square footage, bulb wattage, ceiling height, visibility needed, and existing light must all be considered to avoid making your ceiling look like Swiss cheese but efficiently light the space. This can also be confusing when dealing with LED bulbs, which have a low wattage rating of 5 to 8 but are actually comparable to halogen bulbs that are 40 to 60 watts.

The Proper Spacing

Stella Electric will ensure proper spacing during your recessed lighting installation in Carroll County including navigation around all obstacles that may be present within your ceiling space. This includes plumbing, framing, other wiring etc.…

Electrical Load

To avoid overloading circuits, Stella Electric can help you determine the safest way to wire in new lights.

Form and Function

Enlisting the help of a pro ensures you will get not only the look you want but the most ease of use out of your investment. For instance, a lighting expert knows when to use an adjustable Gimbal fixture to create focal points or a reading light for your favorite chair, or add dimming features to dim lights by zone. Wouldn’t a separate dimmer switch for each light over your bed be nice?

Stella Electric can help you select the perfect recessed lighting to modernize and brighten your home, helping you choose from:

  • Incandescent
  • Fluorescent
  • LED
  • Halogen
  • Directional Lighting
  • Cove Lighting
  • Down Lighting


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