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Protect Your Home with Generator Installation in Maryland

When a power outage occurs, is your home equipped to provide a backup power source? If not, it’s time to consider a generator installation at your Maryland or Pennsylvania Residence. This backup device will provide power to all of your home’s necessities, such as your furnace,air conditioner,appliances, and electronic devices. Now you can stay safe and comfortable no matter how long the outage lasts! The licensed electricians at Stella Electric would be honored to install a generator at your home. We’ll first assess the power needs of the home, based on its size and number of appliances. Then we’ll match you with the right size generator to meet your needs and provide expert installation to ensure safe operation when an outage occurs. Contact us today to learn more about generator installation in Baltimore.

Why You Need a Backup Generator

We see our fair share of severe weather in the Northeast. Both summer thunderstorms and winter snowstorms can take out power lines and cause outages across the state. Since you never know when bad weather may strike, you always want to be prepared, and a backup generator will ensure that you’re never caught off guard again! Generators are especially important during prolonged severe weather periods when you need to receive updates and news about the current conditions outside. This information is the best way to keep you and your family safe, with a generator installation in Carroll County.

How Does a Backup Generator Work?

A backup generator provides automatic power the moment there is an outage. The backup generators Stella Electric installs are equipped to sense a power outage. The “ATS” or Automatic Transfer Switch safely and effectively engages your generator via an electronic ignition system, then lays power over as soon as the natural gas or propane engine has gained momentum. As soon as this occurs, the generator switches on and begins providing your home with power immediately. When electrical power is restored, the generator will sense utility voltage has been re-established and turn itself off automatically.

Contact Us for Backup Generator Installation

Do you want your home to be prepared the next time there is a power outage? Install a generator before it’s too late! Stella Electric is here to keep your family safe and comfortable the next time a blackout occurs in your neighborhood. While others may be left in the cold or heat waiting for power to be restored, your family will be able to live everyday life as you normally would. Please get in touch with us to learn more about our generator options or to request an estimate.




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